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There are many things going on throughout the year in Kalo Chorio:

Easter events are very popular and many tourists and locals participate. We have traditional games, we serve traditional food and we have donkey racing.

"Koutoukos" is the celebration of burning an effigy of Judas outside the church. This has become a great event for the village since we all participate in bringing the wood for the bonfire.

Past events
6-15 August 2004 - Commandaria Festival ...more

13 August 2004 -
1st Marathon of Kalo Chorio Limassol for peace and friendship between nations ...more

14 August 2004 - Traditional Cypriot music, Dances and songs by Vasilitzia...more

The Commandaria Festival is a great opportunity for all the friends of the village to come back to their homeland and spend time together to remember their early years in the village. It is also of interest to tourists who want to taste Commandaria and enjoy the Cypriot music and food on warm summer evenings.

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Easter Events  
events at kalo chorio
(Bringing wood for fire at Easter)
Commandaria Festival
Easter events
Bringing wood for fire at Easter
cyprus eatser celebrations

cyprus donkey racing
Donkey Racing
donkeys in cyprus
Easter events
Easter events
Easter events
Easter events

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